No, I’m Not Happy

I recently heard that a wise person is someone who follows his or her own advice. If that is the case then I’m afraid I’m not that wise of a person yet. I have a lot of advice to give, but most of the times I fail to follow them myself. By now I’m afraid of giving advice in any shape or form, for I fear that I appear hypocritical. Nowadays I see my notes, my posts and my poems just as Van Gogh saw his paintings of sunflowers. As a means to feel happier. Most of my recent writing tries to sound uplifting and happy, like my poems I occasionally post on Instagram, because I have to admit that I’m not in a happy and uplifting phase of my life right now. Continue reading “No, I’m Not Happy”

Lessons from an Entrepreneur: My Time At Slumber Party With Edmund And Too Much Tequila

I initially wrote this post six months ago, when I was still living in Thailand, working slowly towards the end of my stint at Slumber Party Hostel & Bar. Then I was heading back to Germany and the lessons I learned during my time there, were taking a backseat. But now I figured it would be a shame to keep the knowledge and these little pearls of wisdom to myself, if they could potentially be of use to other people, maybe even the current generation of Slumber Party employees. The one’s who probably have no idea who I am. Continue reading “Lessons from an Entrepreneur: My Time At Slumber Party With Edmund And Too Much Tequila”

Your Most Important Reward

A few months ago I was watching a YouTube video in which Dave Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana, now front man of the Foo Fighters, and overall Rockstar Badass, gave a speech where he said: “The reward for playing music should be playing music.” Simple, right? I immediately agreed with him and throughout the following months this simple notion stuck with me and slowly grew into something that I now consider a firm belief in my life.

The most important reward for X should be X.

The main reason and the main reward for doing something should be the “something” itself. Everything else that comes with it, the good and bad, is respectively either a bonus or an obstacle. And as Ryan Holiday would say: “The obstacle is the way.” Continue reading “Your Most Important Reward”

How A Broken Arm and A 20-Minute Walk Changed My Life

If it’s starting a new business, playing a new instrument, deciding to travel or asking out that cutesy girl or guy – we all have our own little stories about how everything started. For some it was easier to make their decisions, because it just felt natural to them. For some it was a bit harder and they needed a little nudge out of the door. For me? It was a broken arm and a 20-minute walk that made me a traveler and the person I am today. Continue reading “How A Broken Arm and A 20-Minute Walk Changed My Life”

Let’s talk about death

Gary Vaynerchuck was once asked by a woman to give her three words of inspiration for whenever she is feeling down. His answer? “You’re gonna die.” Let’s ignore for a moment that it’s technically four words (or even five) and just focus on the gravity of those simple words. We are going to die. We all have been given a certain amount of time on this planet and we won’t be here forever. I actually think that facing an end to our life shouldn’t be scary at all. It should be motivating and inspiring. To do what we have to do before it’s too late. Continue reading “Let’s talk about death”

I’m full of shit

There is this little quote I’ve heard a while ago and it stuck with me ever since. Maybe because I didn’t know back then, that it perfectly described what I would have to do. It says: “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” So here I am, laying it all out, trying to let go of everything, so I can become the person I was meant to be. Continue reading “I’m full of shit”

Take the First Step and Achieve Greatness

It’s usually around Christmas and New Years where we spend or want to spend some quality time with our friends and families, but it’s also the time where we usually look back at the past year and reflect about everything that has happened outside and inside our little world. What have we been doing? What goals have we achieved? Which lives have we made better? Have we made our own lives a little better? And ultimately, the question comes up: “What can we do to make the next year, the best year of our lives?”. Continue reading “Take the First Step and Achieve Greatness”

What’s my age again?

Sometimes people like tell us what we can or should do, or can’t or shouldn’t do anymore, once we hit a certain age. For example, the end of our 20s. Well, they can kindly go screw themselves, because here is the thing. Have you ever thought of the idea that age might not matter? Hypothetically speaking, what do you think would happen if age simply wouldn’t exist anymore? Those two digits erased from our lives. If that would be the case, do you think more people would do the things they really want to do, but in reality don’t, because they use their age as an excuse for not doing it? I personally think so. No, I actually know it, because I’ve met a great many people, who let their actions or inactions be determined by how old they are. But why is that? Continue reading “What’s my age again?”

Don’t run away!

There is this article called “The hardest part of traveling that no one talks about” that came out almost two years ago now and was a huge hit amongst a lot of travellers. Everyone could relate to this feeling of being completely lost in their home town after spending some time abroad. So much has changed within in you, but seemingly nothing has changed around you.

When I read the article the first time, I hated it. For a reason that wasn’t yet clear to me. There was just something about it that was… wrong. I just knew there was something, that wasn’t mentioned in these words. I just wasn’t sure what exactly it was. Now, two years later and after a long time of thinking about it, I’ve finally decided to write about it and go a little more in-depth. Continue reading “Don’t run away!”