Lessons from an Entrepreneur: My Time At Slumber Party With Edmund And Too Much Tequila

I initially wrote this post six months ago, when I was still living in Thailand, working slowly towards the end of my stint at Slumber Party Hostel & Bar. Then I was heading back to Germany and the lessons I learned during my time there, were taking a backseat. But now I figured it would be a shame to keep the knowledge and these little pearls of wisdom to myself, if they could potentially be of use to other people, maybe even the current generation of Slumber Party employees. The one’s who probably have no idea who I am. Continue reading “Lessons from an Entrepreneur: My Time At Slumber Party With Edmund And Too Much Tequila”

How A Broken Arm and A 20-Minute Walk Changed My Life

If it’s starting a new business, playing a new instrument, deciding to travel or asking out that cutesy girl or guy – we all have our own little stories about how everything started. For some it was easier to make their decisions, because it just felt natural to them. For some it was a bit harder and they needed a little nudge out of the door. For me? It was a broken arm and a 20-minute walk that made me a traveler and the person I am today. Continue reading “How A Broken Arm and A 20-Minute Walk Changed My Life”

Don’t run away!

There is this article called “The hardest part of traveling that no one talks about” that came out almost two years ago now and was a huge hit amongst a lot of travellers. Everyone could relate to this feeling of being completely lost in their home town after spending some time abroad. So much has changed within in you, but seemingly nothing has changed around you.

When I read the article the first time, I hated it. For a reason that wasn’t yet clear to me. There was just something about it that was… wrong. I just knew there was something, that wasn’t mentioned in these words. I just wasn’t sure what exactly it was. Now, two years later and after a long time of thinking about it, I’ve finally decided to write about it and go a little more in-depth. Continue reading “Don’t run away!”