What Matters Is A Liberation Of All That Does Not Matter

No matter how tall we are,
no matter how small we are;
we all stand on the same ground.

No matter how old we are,
no matter how young we are;
we will all leave this mortal life at some point. Continue reading “What Matters Is A Liberation Of All That Does Not Matter”

Let Your Own Light Shine


We comfort ourselves with pretty little lies. Make them our truth. But it can’t be. It leads to an inner conflict with the real truth. A struggle ensues. Denial and anger are fighting alongside those lies. Continue reading “Let Your Own Light Shine”

You are a Creative Person

Let your creative mind do the work without consciously being aware of it. Don’t let it overtake you. Leave your ego outside the door. It has no place inside a creative person. It kills the seed before it has the chance to bloom. Continue reading “You are a Creative Person”