A Life of Boxes [Poem]

A life dominated by boxes. Four walls and a ceiling for everything that makes us human.

Our body, spirit, and mind incarcerated inside boxes and put into solitary confinement.

We are isolated throughout the day by letting them dominate every aspect of our lives.

Whether we are residing in a house, an apartment or merely a room.

It’s all a box of our own making.

The little time we spent outside is for the sole reason to get into a different box that brings us to work. A box is being used to play music and another box to navigate us through the traffic.

We are sitting in our cubicle, which is a tiny box inside a bigger box with neither heart nor soul. Staring at a box for eight hours and calling it an inevitable necessity.

The people we are meeting are put into boxes, so we know how to define them.

Once we are leaving both boxes after many breaths and hours have been spent, we are heading back to our comfortable box.

Dinner shared with a person of supposedly some significance. Staring at yet another box and catching up with the lives of others.

A lot of life has been wasted on the lives of others.

Spending the rest of the dying hours of the day by entertaining our minds with a flat-screen 4K box.

Eyes closed in a box of dark grey. Tomorrow they will open to the sight of the same edges; the same cracks; the same cobwebs.

It is not the life, but it is a life, which is still better than no life.

We live our everyday lives inside boxes.

Think outside the box.


That there is a life outside the box.



Get Lost!

My father and I are experts at wandering around and getting lost. If there was a master’s degree for it, we would graduate with top honors. We are currently in beautiful Trieste in Italy and spent the day at the famous Castello di Miramare, built in the mid 19th century by an Austrian archduke. We could have taken the bus and we could have been there within 20 minutes after leaving our apartment. The emphasis here is on “could have”. Instead, we took the bus for 10 minutes and then spent the better part of the midday walking somewhat aimlessly around the mountainous area of Trieste before finally reaching the castle. What should have taken us 20 minutes ended up taking us two hours. And we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. As Tolkien once wrote in his Lord of The Rings books: “Not all those who wander are lost.Continue reading “Get Lost!”

What Matters Is A Liberation Of All That Does Not Matter

No matter how tall we are,
no matter how small we are;
we all stand on the same ground.

No matter how old we are,
no matter how young we are;
we will all leave this mortal life at some point. Continue reading “What Matters Is A Liberation Of All That Does Not Matter”

Let Your Own Light Shine


We comfort ourselves with pretty little lies. Make them our truth. But it can’t be. It leads to an inner conflict with the real truth. A struggle ensues. Denial and anger are fighting alongside those lies. Continue reading “Let Your Own Light Shine”

You are a Creative Person

Let your creative mind do the work without consciously being aware of it. Don’t let it overtake you. Leave your ego outside the door. It has no place inside a creative person. It kills the seed before it has the chance to bloom. Continue reading “You are a Creative Person”